Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding Cake Toppers

One of the little decisions that makes an impact on your wedding is your cake. There are as many ways to decorate a wedding cake as there are people but most couples are going to want some kind of wedding topper on the cake. Because of this, Wilton makes a wide range of toppers to fit nearly any couple.

You have the traditional toppers like this white resin topper named Elegance. One advantage to toppers like this is they can also be great keepsakes of your wedding day.

This resin full-color figure is called Threshold of Happiness and shows the groom carrying the bride for luck.

Bianca is a clear resin topper that can be placed alone on the cake or with a lighted base.

For those who aren't drawn to the strictly traditional, there are lots of other great options as well. Toppers Now I Have You and Ball and Chain offer a more humorous approach to cake decorating.

Another option all together is to use a simple double heart pick like this one.

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TJLoop85 said...

Unique wedding cakes need an even more unique wedding cake topper and these are too funny! I especially enjoy the bride pulling the groom behind her... nothing like true love!